Shri Ram Hanuman VatikaShri Ram Hanuman Vatika is one of the most popular temples in India. Since ancient time, it has been the center of meditation for sages. Place is deeply connected to our Lord Hanuman as he lived in this place during the period of Mahabharata. Hence, this place has been named as Bagichi wale Shri Hanuman Ji. He is revered for his loyalty, faith and strength in our religion. So, this temple is visited by thousands of devotees and sages from different regions of the country. Devotees praying in the temple get inner peace with higher spirituality and fulfill their wishes by blessing of deity.

Nar Seva Narayan Seva (Serving people is service to God). This is the pious thought of revered Shri Maharaj Ramkrishnadas Mahatyagi Ji residing in the temple as head priest. He has founded Mahatyagi Trust and Mahatyagi Seva Sanstha registered to Indian Government to offer social services to the poor people around the city. The main aim of this organization is to uplift the people spiritually, educationally, and financially to be a good human being. This is because Shri Mahatyagi Ji believes that in every people Lord Ram resides. No matter from which caste, background and religion people may be. Hence, he always tells people “Sab Mein Ram-Sab ke Ram”. Organization serves human beings which are created equally by god.

Mahatyagi Trust has been providing special services to the poor people under various projects. Some of the project undertaken by the Trust are-

  1. Bi-weekly Eye Checkup Camp– Organization is conducting free eye checkup to determine eye disease of the patient. Free medicines and surgeries are provided to patient free of cost with the help of Rotary Club Delhi East on first and third Saturday every month.
  2. Dental checkup-Free Dental checkup and treatment is given to the poor patient regularly in good hospital.
  3. Charitable Dispensary-Allopathic, Homeopathy and Ayurvedic medicines are given to the people free of cost from the dispensary every day.
  4. Physiotherapy facilities– Patient can take help of this facility to get well soon or prevent diseases in body.
  5. Modern Pathology lab-X-ray, ECG, and other clinical test are conducted to diagnose the disease of patient for systematic treatment.
  6. Gym– It has a fitness center for the poor to maintain their health with physical exercise in the gym.
  7. Goshala (Cow House) – Trust is providing shelter and care to more than 150 cows in different houses to conserve our sacred animal.
  8. Daily Food Donation Camp– Many people still live with hunger. So, it is providing free foods twice daily to hungry, devotees and sages residing in the temple.
  9. Mass Marriage Arrangement-Every year, trust arrange mass marriages for economically backward couples during the auspicious occasion of Phulera Dooj.
  10. Student Sponsorship– Organization is providing monetary help to economically weak students to continue their studies. This is because only education can lift people from darkness and financial problems.
  11. Computer Training Courses– Free computer training is provided to young students to increase their expertise and grab job opportunities in this field.
  12. Stitching Classes– Free stitching classes are conducted for women, which helps to get job in related industry or start their own business to increase incomes.

So far, the Trust is successful in serving the poor people with the help of generous people funding for the project. Donation in any form is good for receiver and doer. Donor receives mental satisfaction and blessing of God for serving his fellow beings. Donate wholeheartedly to carry out the good work and change the life of poor people.