Annakut Celebration on 24th of October 2014

annakut-celebrationAnnakut or Govardhan puja is performed to mark the childhood leela of Shri Krishna. On this day, Krishna convinced his father and elders to perform puja on Govardhan Hills instead of celestial King Indra. Special dishes are prepared and offered to Lord Indra and to Govardhan hill. To honor the faith of Brajwasis, Lord Krishna himself appeared on the top of the Hills and eaten all the offered foods.  Then, all Brajwasis performed parikarama and singing the glory of the Lord.  This infuriated Indra and brought torrential rain for 7 days and Lord Krishna lifted the hill with his little fingertip of left hand to protect the people from the downpour. At last, Indra realized that he is no match for Lord Krishna and his powers were a gift from himself.

To celebrate this, 56 delicious dishes are prepared by the devotees to offer to Giriraj Maharaj. It is followed by kirtans, discourse and arti in the temple. The puja will be performed by Sant Mahatyagi Ji in the temple on 24th October 2014. All the devotees are requested to participate in the celebration wholeheartedly to acquire blessing of Lord Krishna for peace and prosperity in their lives.

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