Annakut Festival Celebration at Shri Ram Hanuman Vatika Temple

annakutAnnakut is an important festival of Hindus that is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Govardhan hills. It is celebrated with great religious fervor and enthusiasm by the people. In this festival, devotees assemble in large numbers to prepare and offer 56 types of foods to the Lord. A resembling Govardhan hill is made from rice and other edible items to commemorate an important event in Krishna childhood day. Sweets are kept at the nearest as it is considered to be the favorite one for the Lord. Special ritual is performed to acquire blessing from Lord Krishna during the festival in the temple.

Legend of Govardhan Puja
According to legend, Krishna taught people of Gokul to worship the Govardhan hills and stop worshipping Indira, the demigod of rain. This infuriated Indira and caused heavy torrential rain to punish the people. Sri Krishna lifted the hill with his little finger to protect Gokul from heavy downpour for seven days. Finally, Indira admitted defeat leading to celebration in Vrindavan. People started offering edible items to Govardhan with love and devotion. Seeing the faith of people, Krishna appeared on the hill and accepted all the offering from people. This is an important tradition that is still practice by the people on this day.

The festival is celebrated on the fourth day of Diwali in memory of lifting the Govardhan hill. People cook exquisite foods to offer to Lord and show special thanks for a good harvest. Special vegetarian foods are provided in tiers of steps to the God to acquire blessing.

Celebration of Festival
On this auspicious occasion, Mahatyagi Seva Sanstha is organizing a special puja at Hanuman Vatika temple on 12th November 2015. Special rituals and offerings are provided to Krishna to get blessing during the day by devotees. The ritual will be performed by Maharaj Ramkrishnadas Mahatyagi in the temple to invoke blessing of the God. Join with your family and friend to acquire blessing during this auspicious occasion for a happy and wealthy life.

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