Auspicious Sawan Month will Start From 13th July Till 10th August 2014

Auspicious Sawan MonthSawan or Shravan is the fifth and most important month of Chaturmas according to Hindu calendar. This month is called Shravan as Shravan star rules the sky in the whole month. It is believed that people performing ritual in honor of Lord Shiva are given special blessing and favor from God in this month. During this period, Mondays are considered the most auspicious to offer puja and observe fasting by devotees. Many devotees fast for whole 16 Mondays to please Lord and shower his blessing upon them. So, Shravan is a month of joy with rainy season sprout new life and a month of new hope. In villages, newly married women spend their first Shravan in their parent’s home and children sing while enjoying swings in rain.

According to the legend, the churning of ocean or Samudra Manthan took place during the month of Sawan. Fourteen different rubies came out of ocean and 13 of them were distributed among the demons, except the Halahal (poison). Lord Shiva drank the poison and stored in his throat for which he is called Neelkanth (blue throat). To reduce the effect of poison, he wore crescent moon on his head. Then, all Gods gave him Ganges water to cool the ill effect of poison. So, devotees are seen bathing Shiva linga with Ganges or holy water in its commemoration in the temple. Devotees pouring holy water earn merit and blessing of Lord Shiva.

The auspicious Sawan month will start from 13th of July and will continue till 10th August 2014. In this period, special puja will be organized on Shri Ram Hanuman Vatika temple to worship Lord Shiva. People from different regions of the country come to participate on the auspicious occasion and singing hymns during the ritual. Free food and kheer are offered to the saints, devotees and poor people from food donation camp.

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