Bagichi Wale Hanuman Ji

As various spiritual sources say – Lord Hanuman was with Gandivdhaari Arjun on his Ratha during the war of Mahabharat. There’s was incident when Karna hit Arjuna‘s Ratha (Chariot ) with arrows but the Ratha did not move at all, not even an inch backward. It was because Hanuman Ji was sitting on his Ratha. A flag representing Lord Hanuman on Arjuna‘s rath can be seen even today in any picture depicting the epic war of Mahabharat.

After the war ended, Hanuman went to Khandwa Jungle – which was in and around today’s Ramleeal ground. Mandir Shree Ram Hanuman Vatika is the very place where He relaxed. This is the reason Lord Hanuman here is knwon as Bageechi Wale Hanuman Ji and the Mandir is called – Mandir Shree Ram Hanuman Vatika.

Since decades, this Mandir is supervised and managed by Maha Tyagi Seva Sanstha, and Maha Tyagi Trust. Both are registered as Not-For-Profit organizations.

To know more about the Prasang from Mahabharat, refer to the video below –


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