Weekly Eye Checkup CampAccording to article published in Deccan Herald, India has the largest number of blind people in the world. It comprises almost 20% of 39 millions blind people reported across the globe in 2012. All are not born blind as higher percentage of people become blind later in life. There are various reasons which cause blindness in people. Prominent reasons are cataract, refractive error, glaucoma, and corneal blindness. Most of the people sight can be recovered if detected and treated early with expert surgeon. So, people with eye problem should go for checkup regularly in clinic. But lack of awareness of these problems is playing a major role in spreading blindness in India.

Majority of blind people in Delhi are from poor background. Financial constrains prevent them from getting high end clinical facilities in recovering their visual impairment. So, we are conducting a free bi-weekly eye checkup camp for poor people to detect and treat their disease early. Eye specialist conducts the checkup in modern devices for examination of maladies nicely. Patients are given the free medical advice, medicines and free surgeries for complicated problems. Further, patients are treated in specialty hospital to recover eyesight quickly at free of cost. People are given free foods and lodging during the treatment. It is specially conducted for the poor people who can’t afford to treat their diseases.