Computer CoursesComputer is rightly called the master device for its role and usages in performing work. Work is done through computer in every sector of the industries across the globe. The use of computer has made the life of professionals easier and increased their efficiency. Recruiters look for candidate having good knowledge of computer before inducting in company for various positions. Every year millions of job opportunities come in the IT sector which people can’t avail without proper computer training. This is why lots of people can’t get their desired job despite having good qualification.

Computer courses are expensive which is not possible to do by poor people. Further, it requires time to become adept in this field. This is why Mahatyagi organization is providing free computer courses for the people willing to increase their job opportunities. Classes are conducted by the experienced teachers in this field. Expenditure for courses is given by the generous donor from different region of the country. Donate generously to help poor children to get computer training from this project.