Dental CheckupsAccording to a report of Indian Dental Association, 95% of Indian population suffers from gum diseases. Other prominent oral health problems are bad breath, tooth decay, oral cancer, mouth sores, tooth erosion, tooth sensitivity and toothaches. The diseases are growing at a rapid rate due to use of tobacco, alcohol and not brushing teeth properly daily. To maintain oral health, one has to brush twice daily, flossing, eating healthy diet, and go for regular dental check up. Though, there are numerous tooth diseases but it can be easily prevented and treated after detection.

Dental problems in India remain undetected until causing serious problems for people. This is because according to Indian dental association only 2% of the total population goes for regular checkup. It is due to lack of awareness and financial problems among the poor. These problems are rapidly increasing across the people in Delhi. So, this organization is conducting free dental checkup daily for the poor people. It helps them to detect their problems early and treat their diseases. Free medicines, dental surgeries and other treatments are given totally free of cost to the patient in the hospital from this organization. It helps poor people regain their oral health and lost smile.