Fitness Center (Gym)People can easily prevent many diseases from entering their bodies. Regular physical exercises can keep a person fit and disease free. Immunity of the body increases with regular exercises which can avert mild attack of germs causing disease. One who doesn’t do exercise gets low immunity against diseases and bad health. People are going to the gym to maintain their body and increase their stamina in performing daily activities. Hence, even the doctors advise the people to go to gym and do physical exercise to lead a healthy and happy life. This is because physical exercise can reduce the stress gained during the daily activities of life.

It requires subscription and payment of working out in the gym which is not affordable for poor people. So, Mahatyagi organization is providing free gym center to the poor people. The center has all essential equipments required for muscle building which is guided by trainer. It is a health center which is being provided free of cost to the poor people.