Goshala (Cow House)People have been consuming cow milk since Indus Valley Civilization. Consuming cow’s milk regularly increases stamina, health and memory. This is due to presence of various essential nutrients found in the milk. Further, the excreta are used in as manure which can increase the production of food grains. So, people have been rearing cows since the earliest days of civilization. Milk is churned by people to make ghee, curd, and edible product to consume. These products are used in various religious purposes and thus considered sacred.

Cow is one of the most revered animals in Hindu religion. It is considered as mother as it nourishes the people with milk like its calf. Today, green pastures are rarely found in cities which can graze the cows. So, this organization has made Goshala (Cow House) to feed cows and to get milk which is used in serving poor people. Good fodder and constant care can make cows healthy and disease free. This organization is taking care of 150 cows in three different places. So, donate generously to take care and conserve our sacred animal.

Donations for Goshala

We have established Goshala in different places in Delhi and serving over 150 cows in total. Acquire the blessing of our Goddess and sacred animal by giving special service like feeding and caring properly in the stable. Interested person can donate money through MO or cheque on the trust name. Any sum of money is accepted and appreciated from the people.

Devotees can visit our Goshala to see the condition of the cows and helps in their wellbeing. We kept the cows in a serene and clean place keeping in mind importance of good sanitation. Our cows are very gentle and healthy due to our care by the people. Help in taking care of our sacred animal by donating the money to Maha Tyagi Seva Sanstha bank account directly

The bank account details of the Trust are :

Name : Maha  Tyagi  Seva  Sanstha

Account Number : 00930100010447
Bank :  Bank of Baroda
Branch : Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi
Branch Code : ASAFAL
MICR Code : 110012009

Kindly Send the donation to the above bank account and give us the name and address of the donor to issue a receipt.

For any more information please contact us on info@mahatyagi.org