Importance of Gopastami Festival for Devotees

gopastamiGopastami is an important festival dedicated to Lord Krishna and cows. In this festival, devotees pay special respect to cows for its utilities in daily life. Cows provide milk that helps in fulfilling the nutritional requirement of the people like a mother. This is why cows are held sacred and worshipped in Hindu religion as a mother. It is an important day for devotees to show respect and gratitude to cows for providing special nutrition. People visit to cowshed to bathe cows to decorate with cloth and jewellery before offering special ritual by the devotees. Special fodders are fed for good health and special drive is organized for its preservation. On this day, Sri Krishna puja and Gow Puja is performed along with pradakshina to acquire blessing for a good and happier life.

According to Legend, festival is celebrated to commemorate ceremony organized by Nanda Maharaj for Krishna and Balarama while going for cow grazing for the first time in Vrindavan. In this festival, love of Krishna calves and cows is depicted nicely. Raddha, a Hindu goddess, wanted to graze cows but was denied of being a girl. So, she disguised herself in a boy form wearing dhoti to accompany Krishna for cow herding along with her companions for funs. The festival is celebrated on the eighth day in the bright half of Karthik month.

Mahatyagi Seva Sanstha is organizing a grand puja marking the importance of this occasion on Thursday, 19th November 2015. There is no better work for salvation than taking care of the cows. This is why organization is rearing many cows for delivering good and healthy life. Special ritual will be organized on this day in the temple to acquire blessing of the Lord Krishna and Go Mata by devotees. Join in the celebration along with families and friends to acquire blessing in your life.

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