Mahatyagi Organizes a Grand Celebration of Diwali 2015

diwaliDiwali is one of the most awaited festivals and celebrated by Hindus across the globe. Homes are decorated with beautiful lights that shine brightly removing darkness. The festival is a symbol of victory over darkness or evils. It is the air of happiness that filled people with rejoices in the five days long festival. People burst crackers and distribute gifts with sweet among friends to greet each other. Special prayers are organized to gain blessing from deities that helps to lead a happy, prosperous and healthy life. The festival falls at the end of Autumn season and before advent of winter. It is an important time to celebrate with sing and dance.

Mythological Reasons for Celebration
There are numerous mythological reasons for which Diwali is celebrated by devotees according to legends. Let us look at prime reasons that make celebration even more grandeur.

Victory of Rama over Devil King Ravana
According to Ramayana epic, it was a full moon day of Karthik month when Lord Ram, Sita and Shri Laxman returned to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana. The citizen of Ayodhya celebrated their homecoming by lighting earthen lamps and lit the houses like never before.

Return of Pandavas from Exile
According to great epic of Mahabharata, Pandavas appeared for the first time after 12 years of banishment from the kingdom. Exile was resulted due to defeat at the hand of kauravas in the game of dice. Special lamps were lighted by the subjects on their return.

Krishna Killed Narakaasur
A day before Diwali, Lord Krishna killed a demon king called, Narakaasur and rescued about 16,000 women from his captivity. The celebration of the people went for two days after getting freedom from this evil king. The festival marks victory over evils by good.

Mata Lakshmi Birthday and Rescued by
According to legend, Maa Lakshmi was incarnated in a new form this new moon day in the month of Karthik month during churning of the ocean. This is why Mata Lakshmi is also worshipped during the auspicious occasions of Diwali.

There are numerous other reasons for which this festival is celebrated with great joy by the people.

Diwali will be celebrated on Wednesday, 11th November this year. On this auspicious occasion, Mahatyagi Seva Sanstha is organizing a grand puja and celebration for devotees. Special rituals would be performed to get blessing from deity by devotees on this great day. Devotees are invited to join with family and friends in the celebration and puja. Participate in the celebration and puja to acquire blessing for a happy, wealthy and successful life.

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