Mahatyagi Seva Sanstha Organises Mass Wedding for Poor Couples on 17th February 2018

massmarriageMarriage is an institution that binds two individuals for life, as husband and wife. It links not only the couple, but two families join for a sacred and lasting relationship. A happy family is considered the building block of a progressive society. So, marriage is highly regarded and considered crucial for steady progress in the Hindu society. It is also legally recognized.

Marriages are made in heaven. Eligible couples are taken to the priests to see the kundali (astrological chart at the time of birth) before arranging the union. The maximum and lowest points that a match can acquire are 36 and 18 simultaneously. The matching bearing less than 18 points is not considered as an auspicious for a peaceful relationship. The red and gold colours are considered auspicious for the marrying couples to wear in the event.

Indian marriages are one of the most splendid and celebrated ones in the world. The parents of the couple spend a lot of money and time in arranging a grand wedding. Often, the list of guests goes long to attend the wedding costing a lot of money. It is a once-in-lifetime event, so celebration and expenses are considered necessary.

However, a lot of eligible couples can’t get into this sacred relationship owing to financial constraints. The poor parents can’t get off their daughter to marriage due to inability to fund the event despite finding a suitor for the same. It is a serious problem faced by marginalised and deprived sections of society.

Realising this problem, Mahatyagi Seva Sanstha is organising a free mass wedding for poor couples on 17th February 2018 at Shri Ram Hanuman Vatika, like every year. The registering pairs must be of marriageable age and got the consent of both parents to be eligible for this event. Maharaj Mahatyagi Ji will grace the occasion with the attendance of dignitaries.

Helping poor couples to enter marriage is one of the highest merits one can acquire in a lifetime. Volunteer or donate financially to make this event a grand success.

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