Mahatyagi Seva Sanstha Organizes Free Mass Wedding for Poor Couples

Marriage is a socially or legally recognized union of a couple to live together and raise a family. It is considered sacred and being followed since time immemorial. In fact, it is a combination of two souls to procreate to continue human generation and get a stable family. Marriage is essential for a stable society and for a strong nation. The reasons of getting married may vary person to person like child rearing, social, religious, or even to solve financial problems.

Numerous couples can’t marry despite their marriageable age due to financial constraints in our country. Marriage is always a financial affair and requires various arrangements to complete. The parents are drained financially due to lakhs of rupees required for arranging whole ritual. The poor can’t bear the cost and remain unmarried longer leading to depression and frustration which affect their family members.

Mahatyagi Seva Sanstha is organizing mass marriages for poor young couples of marriageable age on 20th February 2015 at Hanuman Vatika temple. The whole arrangements are made free of cost for couple to get married without facing financial burden. This helps newly married couples to starts a new and happy life. Be a part of Mahatyagi Seva Sanstha endeavor to give new life to couples by donating money for mass wedding arrangement.

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