Mass Marriage ArrangementsMarriage is considered sacred in every religion. It is the union of a man and woman vowing to stand by in any circumstance. Marriage is important to continue human race and build a stronger society. This is because only married couples are legally allowed to procreate and continue their generation. In Hindu religion, marriage is considered to be made in Heaven. In this sacred institution two soul souls meet together for complete emotion and physical support.

During the marriage ceremony, people usually spend lots of money for arranging place, feast, and other things. So, lots of poor couples can’t get married despite their suitable age and spouse. Hence, this organization is arranging mass marriages for the poor couple free of cost with the consent of the parents. Priest conduct ritual and bless the couple for their long and successful married life. It helps economically backward couple to get suitable spouse and good life. The expenses of conducting the mass wedding are collected from generous donor. Contribute to this project to bring back happiness of poor couple.