Navratri Celebration at Shri Ram Hanuman Vatika Temple from 25th September to 3rd October 2014

maadurgaNavratri is one of the most celebrated festivals among the Hindus which will be celebrated from 25th September to 3rd October 2014. “Nav” means nine and “ratri” means nights as the festival continues for nine days continuously. This festival is dedicated to Goddess Durga which symbolizes purity and power. The devotees worship her powerful nine manifestations in each day. Navratri is a combination of ritual puja and fasting by the devotees for nine days consecutively.

During the festival, people dressed in colored clothes and go to the temples to perform puja and seek blessing from Maa Durga. The religious festival is not limited to ritual as people sing and dance during this period. Garba a popular dance form of Gujarat is perform during the festival resembling Krishna dancing with Gopis. Though, the festival is celebrated differently in various regions of the country but theme is same as victory of good over evil. This is why Dussehra is celebrated on the 10th day of the celebrated by the devotees.

Shri Ram Hanuman Vatika temple will organize special ritual for nine days by pious Saint Mahatyagi Ji along with popular saints coming from different regions. Shri Shat Chandi Mahayagya and Shri Ramayanji Navahan paath will be done by enlightened Sadhus coming from different pilgrimages. Devotees can come and participate in the auspicious occasion with friends and family to acquire blessing and Prasad from Maa Durga. This can bring peace, prosperity and wealth to the devotees during the year.

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