Physiotherapy FacilitiesPhysiotherapy has become a good discipline of science to maintain the health of people. It has become a good method to recover from injuries, surgeries, pains and prevent other deadly diseases. Regular exercise, stretches, massages, heat therapy and aquatic therapy are guided by professional to help patient to recover quickly from diseases. It provides confidence to the patients to enhance their movement and perform necessary activities by themselves. Fields on which Physiotherapy works are Orthopedic, Neurological, Cardiac problem, and Cardiopulmonary in all ages of people. It is a popular field of treating many diseases during the medication to gain more strength by patients.

Poor patients can’t afford the physiotherapy facilities from private professional and it is not provided in government health centers. So, people can’t recover from minor or major accidents or surgeries quickly as they lose confidence in themselves. So, this organization is providing free Physiotherapy facilities to the poor patient to recover from various diseases and problems. Professional therapist treat the patients with special methods at free of cost in the hospital.