Significance of Krishna Janmashtami for Devotees

Krishna-JanmashtamiKrishna is one of the most reverred Gods of Hindus and known for its role in finishing demons on earth. He is the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu and took the most powerful form of human to end evils and demons. He was born on 8th day of dark fortnight on the month of Bhadon according to Hindu calendar some 5242 years in Mathura to Vasudev and Devaki. He was the 8th child of parent and born in the prison of evil King Kansa. Every year his birthday is commemorated with enthusiasm and religious devotion to mark victory over evils. This year, it will be celebrated on 5th September 2015.

A Glimpse of the Legend
A celestial prophecy stated King Kansa (Devaki’s brother) would be killed by her sister eighth child. Heeding to prophecy, Kansa kept Devaki and her husband Vasudev behind the bar and killed all six children born to her. Seventh child was declared a miscarriage but it is a clandestine shifting of child to Rohini who later known to be Lord Balarama. When Krishna was born Lord Vishnu appeared to Vasudev and told him to take the child to Gokul to be fostered by Yashoda and Nanda. Vasudev secretly carried Krishna crossing Yamuna River to Nanda’s residence and brought his daughter with him under a turbulence night. Kansa tried to kill the 8th child thinking to be Krishna but it morphed into a form of Goddess Yogmaya, the divine servant of Lord Vishnu and predicted his death. After spending some time in Gokul, Krishna and Balarama returned to Mathura and killed Kansa.

Importance Things Done in Festival
Janmashtami is an important festival for the devotees. Fast are kept by the devotees till midnight singing hymn and performing devotional dance, when Krishna was born. Homes are illuminated with beautiful pictures of Sri Krishna in wall, swing, and even in cradle of the temple. The sacred verses of Holy Bhagvat Gita are recited by the devotees in temple or in home. The festival helps devotees to get rid of evils and gets blessing from the Lord during praying.

Dramas showing different pastimes of Krishna are shown and prominently perform in Vrindavan, Mathura and in Manipur. The most attractive activity during this festival is dahi handi in which creating a human tower break the pot of butter as done by Krishna during childhood days along with its cowherd friends.

To celebrate this festival, Mahatyagi Seva Sanstha is organizing a series of event at Sri Ram Hanuman Vatika Temple. Devotees can come to the temple to perform puja and acquire blessing from the Lord. It would be helpful to lead a peaceful, prosperity and successful life by the devotees. Hope this Janmashtami would bring peace and prosperity to you.

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