Stitching ClassesStitching is a art of sewing cloth to make dress which is worn by people. Learning this art helps people to earn money to run the family nicely. Other than sewing, embroidery and other techniques of stitching are learned during the class. People can easily get job in garment sewing industry and open a tailor shop to increase the income. It is being provided to the people to provide skills in stitching. It is mostly practiced by the women staying in their home. It is a part of the women empowerment which helps them to earn good income.

Classes can be done by uneducated women as it is easy. But taking the course requires lots of money which can’t afford by poor people. This is why Mahatyagi organization is providing free stitching classes to the women. People acquire expertise in this field as they are trained by expert tailor in the classes. Courses are provided to the people with the help of donation from generous people. Donate money to this project so that women empowerment can take rapidly in our country.