Student SponsorshipEducation determines the development of a society and country as a whole. It is necessary for every individual to succeed in life. It is the only way to get quality life sustaining skills which are learned during school and college. Education helps people to acquire soft skills which are required to get a decent job in industry. So, an educated people can easily get job which can secure his life financially now and in future.

Though the Government is trying hard to educate masses but still it is not enough. This is due to high percentage of children born every year in India. Further, lots of students have to quit their education due to financial constraints after elementary schooling. In this way millions of children future is ruined every year which is a major setback for country progress. So, Mahatyagi organization is funding poor children to continue their studies and be good human being. Funding is raised through the donation from generous people around the country. Bring the light and hope in a poor child by sponsoring for its education through this project.